Northern Bound Rescue

A No-Kill Puppy Rescue in Central Connecticut,

dedicated to finding as many furbabies their forever homes as tiny paw step at a time

A Note from Our Vet:

 We have been providing veterinary services to Dawn Anastasio and her organization ‘Northern
Bound Rescue’ over the past year. We conduct initial examinations when the puppies arrive, administer any necessary vaccinations, deworming, medical treatments as required. We also provide medical care for any minor illnesses, and will refer to a full service hospital if indicated.

 We have found Dawn to be very proactive in providing whatever care the puppies in her program require. She is a pleasure to work with, as she is extremely well organized, and always knows the individual dogs and their backgrounds. The puppies and their surroundings are always clean and the puppies are provided with ample socialization.

 If I were ever looking to adopt a puppy, I would not hesitate to seek a puppy from Dawn and Northern Bound Rescue. If you have any questions at all about our experience or about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Kim Rio

Welcome to Northern Bound Rescue

Northern Bound Rescue is a small no kill puppy rescue. We are a network of volunteers who are dedicated to finding forever loving homes for puppies surrendered to high kill shelters in the South. We are a network of volunteers & foster homes in Connecticut and we adopt our puppies throughout the Northeast. Our goal is to train and socialize our puppies so that they may find their forever home.



Mini-documentary about NBR by Alicia Cope. Learn a little about what puppy rescue is all about.

All of our current puppies have been adopted!!

We will see you next time :)