Questions to ask, tips, and what you will need for your new puppy

  • What food are they currently eating?
  • When are the next vaccines due?
  • When does the puppy have to be spayed or neutered?
  • How many times per day does the dog eat?
  • How much should I feed the dog?
  • Does the puppy have any allergies?
  • When are they due for flea and tick prevention?
  • Which toys do they prefer?
  • How do they respond to social situations (with other dogs, with kids, in the car)?



  • Select the size and breed you are comfortable with owning
  • Visit the puppy with your children and other dogs you may have
  • Learn about the history of the dog you are selecting for example: Where was the dog before being sent to the rescue?
  • Also ask about bite history
  • Can you financially afford a dog (Vet visits, bedding, toys, food, grooming, etc)?
  • Can the rescue furnish references?
  • Are you willing to train the dog? What is cute as a puppy, isn’t as an adult, such as jumping and biting
  • Know that dogs are a lot of work and require time and patience. Do you have both?
  •  Figure out how active your family is as puppies have a lot of  energy.


What You Will Need?

  • Collar and a leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • Crate
  • Blankets and bedding
  • Safe chew toys
  • ID tags


Northern Bound Rescue

A no kill Puppy Rescue in Central Connecticut

Dedicated to finding as many furbabies their forever homes as tiny paw step at a time